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We'll host your
site on a
"Dual Xeon 3.0 Ghz"
server or better

Storage Space:
Traffic (per month):
Domain Names: Host unlimited domains **
Email Accounts: Unlimited email accounts
Your own CGI-BIN: PHP 5, Perl, Python
Control Panel: Cpanel(R) with Fantastico
MySQL(R) databases: Unlimited databases
PostGresSQL(R) databases: Unlimited databases
FTP accounts: Unlimited FTP accounts
Subdomains: Unlimited subdomains
Video Tutorials: Easily learn how to use Cpanel
Server location: USA (Huston/Philadelphia)
Price: $1.99/m *
All prices in US Dollar
Cpanel auto install: Auto install tool for these programs:
- Blogs: B2Evolution, WordPress
- Message Boards: YaBB, phpBB
- Chat rooms: phpMyChat
- Content management systems: Geeklog, Mambo, Nucleus, PostNuke, Xoops, phpWiki
- Ecommerce/shopping carts: AgoraCart, OSCommerce
- Guest Books: Advanced Guestbook
- Image gallery: Coppermine
- Support ticket system: cPSupport
Analog Stats: Detailed visitor statistics
Awstats Stats: Detailed visitor statistics
Webalizer Stats: Detailed visitor statistics
Statistics Program Manager: Tool to enable/disable Analog, Awstats and Webalizer
Bandwidth Stats: Bandwidth usage statistics
Latest Visitors: Information about the last visitors on your site
Error Log: Apache error logfile
Raw Access Logs: Raw Apache logfile
Subdomain Stats: Separate Analog/Awstats/Webalizer for subdomains
Autoresponder Manager: Set up auto responders for your email addresses
Backup Manager: Create account backups
Email Filtering Manager: Set up filters to forward/delete emails under specified conditions
BoxTrapper Spam Trap: Verify email senders to block spam
Ability to Change MX: Tool that allows you to use third party mailservers
Virus Scanner: Check files on your account for viruses
Java Clock: Add a clock to your website
Java Countdown: Add a countdown to your website
Counter: Add a visitor counter to your website
Image Manager: Convert, resize and preview images on your account
Install Perl Modules: Ability to install additional Perl modules yourself
Install PHP Pear Modules: Ability to install additional PHP modules yourself
Fantastico De Luxe: Auto install tool for these programs:
4Images Gallery, Advanced Poll, b2evolution, Coppermine Photo Gallery, Crafty Syntax Live Help, CubeCart, Dew-NewPHPLinks, dotProject, Drupal, FAQMasterFlex, Gallery, Geeklog, Help Center Live, Joomla, Joomla 1.5, LimeSurvey, Mambo Open Source, Moodle, Noahs Classifieds, Nucleus, Open-Realty, osTicket, OS Commerce, PHP-Nuke, phpAdsNew, PHPauction, phpBB, phpCOIN, phpESP, phpFormGenerator, PHPlist, PHProjekt, phpWCMS, phpWebSite, PhpWiki, PHP Support Tickets, Post-Nuke, Siteframe, SMF, Support Logic Helpdesk, Support Services Manager, Templates Express, TikiWiki, TYPO3, WebCalendar, WordPress, Xoops
Default Address Manager: Enable/disable public directory listings
Disk Usage Viewer: Determines the size of each directory on your account
Email Domain Forwarding: Optionally forward all emails sent to your domain to another email address
Email Scripts (cgiemail,formmail): Set up a form on your page
Custom Error Pages: Customize error pages
File Manager: Upload, download, edit or delete files
HTML editor: The file manager also includes an HTML editor (site builder tool)
Forwarder Manager: Set up email forwarding
Frontpage Extensions: You can upload your site directly with FrontPage and use FP extensions
Ftp Account Manager: Create, delete FTP accounts
Getting Started Wizard: Learn how to use Cpanel
Apache Handlers Manager: Set up Apache handlers
Hotlink Protection: Prevent other sites from loading images directly from your account
IP Deny Manager: Block certain IP addresses
Password protected directories: Require a username/password for specific parts of your page
Leech Protect: Increase the security of password protected directories
Mailman List Manager: Set up mailing lists
Mime Types Manager: Configure Mime Types
Network Tools: DNS tool and traceroute
Password Change: Change your password
PGP/GPG: GnuPG Keys (encryption tool)
See PHP Configuration: View the php.ini file
PhpMyAdmin: Administrate, view/edit your MySQL databases
PhpPgAdmin: Administrate, view/edit your PostGresSQL databases
Email Account Manager: Create, remove, administrate email accounts
Random Html Generator: Randomly add pre-defined code to your page
Redirect Manager: Redirect visitors from one page to another
Simple Cgi Wrapper: Ability to run scripts in scgi-bin directory
Server Status Viewer: Check if all services are operating on the server

Delete or mark email spam (configurable)

SpamAssassin Spam Box: Redirect spam to a spam folder (optional)
Change Style: Choose one out of many different Cpanel designs
Subdomain Manager: Add/remove/edit subdomains (http://subdomain.yourdomain.com)
Ability to Trace an email address
Webmail: You can use Webmail or a third party mail client to send/receive emails
Web Disk: Easily drag and drop files to your hosting account
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All prices in US Dollar. Prices include value added tax for EU residents.

Limited availability applies.

* $1.99 per month is a promotional price that applies for the first two months.
After that the regular $6.99 per month fee applies.
Note that you can cancel at any time so the $1.99 promotional price
is a great opportunity to evaluate our services.

** Domain registration is not included for additional domain names. You can register
additional domains with any registrar of your choice or register them with us for $12 per year and domain.

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